Ingredients | Milk Powders

Ingredients | Milk Powders

Milk Powders

Presented by Rick Earley, Beverage Market Manager

Fluid milk is one of nature’s most nutritious foods and a great food ingredient for many purposes. But it is limited by shelf life even when refrigerated, and is expensive to transport and handle due to temperature and sanitary concerns. Fluid cows’ milk is about 87% water, 3.5% protein, 3.5-3.7% butter fat, and about 5% carbohydrate (mostly lactose).

For food processors, major savings and convenience are recognized by removing water and separating fluid milk into its components, with powdered milk being one of the most popular.

With around 560,000 metric tons of milk powder exported in 2015, it is shipped around the world from producers to customers. We transport and warehouse shelf stable milk powders and derivatives in a much more concentrated and efficient form, with whole milk powder, non-fat milk powder, milk protein concentrates, casein and caseinate salts increasing the level of purity for milk protein. Cows in New Zealand or Argentina may have contributed to this mornings’ coffee creamer!

Rotosolver is an excellent tool for concentrating milk powder up to 38%. Need to go higher? VacuShear brings your concentration up to 52% and air-free.