Admix Equipment | Fastfeed® PLC – How It Works

Admix Equipment | Fastfeed® PLC – How It Works

How The Fastfeed PLC Works

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The Fastfeed PLC is designed to connect to your liquid source or recirculation tank, and the unit’s integrated liquid ring pump and high shear emulsifier work together to ensure rapid incorporation and wetting out of powder ingredients.

The operator uses the waist height table to add powder ingredients to the hopper (using your bag dump station or bulk delivery system is possible). Powder is pulled in and pumped through the high shear mixer/emulsifier (the Admix Dynashear®). This results in instantaneous fluidization and shearing. Slurries with droplet and particle size reduction down to 4-5 microns are provided upon exiting the unit. Ingredients are 100% dispersed as the powder slurry mixture passes through the Dynashear high shear mixer, where many applications are finished with just one pass through.

Traditional powder problems such as bridging or rat-holing are minimized due to a Liquid Ring Pump that creates constant vacuum within the flow stream and being aided by a mechanical vibrator for more challenging ingredients.

The video below shows powder induction and dispersion on a standard Fastfeed without automation controls.

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