Distillery Chooses Fastfeed and Cuts Run Time in Half

Written by Chip Nipps, Regional Sales Manager

A beverage company specializing in distilled spirits on a global basis recently purchased an Admix Fastfeed™ system after running a successful 2-week onsite equipment trial. It wasn’t until they spoke with an Admix rep that they realized just how inefficient their current process was, and what it would mean if it could be improved.

Their end products like sangria mix, flavored rums & vodkas, wine, energy drinks and mixers required powder induction & dispersion. When they learned that they could possibly cut their run-times per super sack in half, they wanted to test the Fastfeed™ system in their own facility with their own operators. Run times were 15-20 minutes previously, but with the Admix Fastfeed™ unit, that was cut to 8 minutes 30 seconds per 2,000 lb. super-sac. As an additional bonus, the Fastfeed produced a better powder mix with the alcohol than with their old system. They like the system so much that they’re buying a second!

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