Admix Equipment | Diaf Minibatch™ CX Options

Admix Equipment | Diaf Minibatch™ CX Options

Diaf Minibatch CX Options

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Available Options:

  • Optional vacuum container up to approximately 4 gallons
  • Vacuum chamber for insertion of cans
  • Detachable dissolver shafts in stainless steel, equipped with threaded coupling and protection jacket in Teflon, i.e. shafts will be equipped with dispersion discs or other high shear mixing head in stainless steel at your option
  • Manually operated motor safeguard with undervoltage release, also available in EEx e II T3 execution

Available Mixing Heads:

  • A wide range of high shear sawtooth dispersion discs
  • Admix Rotosolver® high shear disperser for maximum shear and pumping rates
  • Flow propellers
  • Butterfly