Learn Why Contract Manufacturer, Dynamic Blending Chooses Admix

Written by Ruston Sullivan, Regional Sales Manager

We recently spoke with Jordan Erskine, President and Co-Founder of Dynamic Blending, a turnkey contract manufacturer for skincare, hair care, oral care and other cosmetic products. We asked him why he chooses to buy Admix mixers over other brands. Jordan commented, “It comes down to technical expertise and equipment reliability. Admix is always there to provide technical expertise and support, offering tips & tricks for our applications which is really helpful. That, in conjunction with the mixers is amazing, because it’s one thing to sell homogenizers, but Admix has an entire team around the applications support.”

He continues, “Another reason is reliability, which is key. I’ve used Admix mixers at other manufacturers and never really had problems. I’ve used other mixer brands that would always break, you would be changing out the seals quite a bit. But Admix mixers never really had those problems, so that’s a big reason why we buy Admix mixers for our projects.”

Jordan is right, we are always there for our customers, whether it’s to offer applications knowledge that will help with your process, or just provide you with mixers you can count on for years to come. Contact us for your next project and we’ll help you too!