Cosmetic Mixing


Written By: Ruston Sullivan, Regional Sales Manager

With so many cosmetics making their way to merchant shelves for consumers who are eager to stand out by applying the latest beauty product, producers need to bring their products to market faster than ever.  Fast, but without compromising on quality, as consumers will definitely take notice, risking brand reputation, a tough situation to recoup from.


Often when visiting production facilities, we hear a common theme regardless of whether the end product is cosmetic, chemical, pharma, or food and beverage. Surprisingly, they share many of the same issues such as: 
  • long process times – endless hours to mix ingredients!
  • inadequate equipment – having to tie up multiple mixers and operators to make just one batch of product!
  • poor quality end product – even after hours of mixing, the end-product still does not measure up
  • wasted time and ingredients – unmixed product would clog strainers, cause downtime, and impact yields
Boston ShearmillPrior to using Admix equipment, one of our customers who needed to mix cosmetic ingredients including pigments and titanium oxide, was having similar issues.  After installing our Boston Shearmill (high intensity wet mill) they immediately streamlined their operation and were able to produce stand-out quality product.  With the Boston Shearmill’s extreme shear rates and high tip speed capabilities, this particular customer shaved 3- to 4-hours per batch, eliminated having to use multiple mixers, and every batch of finished product was smooth and homogeneous.  Their product could be mixed faster and produced with the same high quality consistency batch-to-batch!  
It’s safe to say that we helped this customer meet their goal, and we’d like to help you, too.  Contact us on the web or call us any time to learn more: 1-800-466-2369 / 1-603-627-2340 or in Europe at +45 (3213) 8743.