How The Boston Shearmill Works

Boston Shearmills are capable of processing very high throughputs at extreme shear rates producing an average mean droplet size of 0.05-3 microns.

How Inline High Shear Mixers Work

Boston Shearmills are constructed of a multi-slot rotor turning at high speeds in close proximity to a multi-port stator. Each shear head of the homogenizer has a double ring design providing two stages of mixing at both the rotor and stator. This results in three distinct, high intensity work zones at each rotor / stator location where the mixture passes:

  • between the first set of rotor slots or teeth and the first ring of slots on the stator
  • between the first ring of slots on the stator and the second ring of slots in the rotor
  • between the second ring of slots in both the rotor and stator

Boston Shearmill models have 3 shear heads providing 6 mixing stages with 9 work zones to handle your toughest processing needs.Download the Boston Shearmill Inline Wet Mill Datasheet