Admix | Assured Implementation Method

Admix | Assured Implementation Method

Assured Implementation Method
Take AIM at successful equipment start-ups!

Admix is committed to assuring a positive, successful installation and commissioning of all equipment we sell. Our Assured Implementation Method (AIM) provides an opportunity for customers to work with our team to ensure a smooth, trouble-free equipment start-up.

Prior to receipt of Admix equipment, customers receive a pre-installation checklist that contains important information regarding equipment, training, and basic utility requirements to prepare for the arrival of a Field Service Engineer, along with installation guidelines to guide start-up. See highlights below or request complete package.

In addition, the Field Service Engineer conducts meaningful, productive training based on information gathered prior to the onsite visit. Typically, our engineer arrives within five (5) business days from the equipment arrival date and/or once the installation checklist is returned.

Occasionally additional accessories and spare parts may be necessary for installation. To schedule training, obtain forms, or check on any additional parts required, contact the Field Services Team.

Equipment Pre-Installation Checklist

Pre-installation tasks and a training questionnaire are completed prior to scheduling of AIM service. Once below checklist and corresponding form is returned to Admix, your service visit will be scheduled.

  • Inspect the equipment for any shipping damage; report to carrier immediately
  • Uncrate machine
  • Remove all packaging materials (except those necessary to move machine)
  • Remove all protective coatings
  • Level tank mounting surface
  • Locate all necessary additional hardware and store with equipment (Admix may supply hardware in the accessory box)
  • Federal regulations prohibit shipping equipment with large quantities of oil/grease. Oil and grease should be available (see manual)

The following must also be available prior to the arrival of your Admix rep:

  • Proper electrical service
  • Compressed air (if necessary)
  • Lifting equipment
  • All necessary tools and rigging equipment
  • All required manuals and accessories

Installation Guidelines

The AIM program will give you the necessary requirements to install your mixer properly. This includes info on uncrating, unwrapping, proper motor storage, transportation/lifting and safety guidance.

After uncrating mixer, check for shipping damage and report any damage immediately to the carrier and Admix. Make sure that all parts are accounted for and read the complete manual to ensure no steps are missed.

Training Considerations

All customers are asked to complete a training questionnaire in order to provide customized, meaningful mechanical and process training for each attendee.

Mechanical training includes:

  • Comprehensive review of the manual
  • Preventative maintenance techniques
  • Do’s and Don’ts
  • Things to look for
  • Troubleshooting

Process training includes:

  • Performing an audit to review Admix mixer expectations and to identify process, quality control, safety, and capacity issues that have upstream and/or downstream performance impacts
  • Conducting a performance audit of the Admix mixing technology installed
  • Operator process training
  • What to look for
  • Troubleshooting