Admix Speed Helps Manufacturer of Agricultural Chemicals

Written by Patrick Lakin, National Sales Manager

Speed. When it comes right down to it, Admix sells speed – speed of processing, speed of batch time. Sure, we have a broad range of mixing and powder induction equipment that we manufacture and ship out to our customers, but it is what our customers are able to achieve by using that equipment that really matters.

Not long ago a large manufacturer of agricultural chemicals approached us about reducing the time it took to process their batches by getting their technical powders into liquid faster. They were sending a worker up to the top of a large tank with 55 lb./25 kg drums of powder to dump, then come back down for more drums, repeating the process all day.

They were eager to try our Fastfeed powder induction and dispersion system. The first batch produced using the Fastfeed had just over 40,000 lbs./18,144 kg of powder, all from 55 lb./25 kg drums, and the operator was able to add the powder and floor level while recirculating from the mix vessel. Batch time on the first run with the Admix Fastfeed was 10 hours, as compared to 24 hours using the old process!

They now have two Fastfeeds and have come back to Admix looking for yet another solution for speeding up a different process. We were happy to set them up with an in-plant trial of our Boston Shearmill inline wet mill product.

Yes, we are a mixer company, but what we sell is speed. Contact us with processes you’d like to make faster, and we’ll guide you to the right solution.