A Better Way To Mix!

Written by Jerry Baresich, Regional Sales Manager

Long batch times and fisheyes that never really go away – there simply MUST be a better way!  

Sound familiar? You’re not alone. One of our customers, a large beverage manufacturer, had the same experience which prompted them to contact Admix for a better way to mix. They were using a 400-gallon liquefier to make their fruit drink base but even after mixing for long periods of time, it couldn’t adequately disperse their xanthan gum ingredient. It was clear that in order to make higher quality bases and reduce mixing time, the liquefier had to go. 

From experience, we knew that the Admix Rotosolver in-tank high shear mixer was capable of out-performing any other mixer on the market, even for those difficult-to-disperse xanthan gum brands. Even so, we welcomed the use of our lab and resources for testing the dispersion of their ingredients. 

The results? The first phase of testing (xanthan into water phase) with the Rotosolver resulted in complete 100% dispersion in 1 minute, down from 30 minutes with their liquefier!  The second phase (adding the balance of ingredients i.e. syrups, citric acid powder, flavors and colors) was also successful – all powders were incorporated and dispersed quickly and efficiently. 

Since purchasing and installing the Rotosolver, the drink manufacturer combined both mixing phases into one with excellent and fast results. Fisheyes are no longer a problem and total mixing time has been drastically reduced!

If you’d like to improve your mixing efficiencies, we can help! Contact us about your particular application!