The Tomato Industry

Tomato Processing Equipment

Admix sanitary high shear batch mixers, low speed agitators, and inline mixing and milling have been used for every tomato application and we have hundreds of installations worldwide. Let us help you with producing homogenous product, paste cutting and refining, reworking pomace, boosting viscosity, and improving product finish and sheen.

Our tomato processing equipment has helped numerous customers maximize the potential of processing tomatoes for the manufacturing of paste, paste standardization and the remanufacture of paste for the enhancement of ketchup, tomato sauce, tomato soups, salsa, and other tomato-based products.

Do you manufacture these products?

  • Tomato paste/concentrate
  • Tomato juice
  • Ketchup
  • Tomato, pizza, marinara, or barbeque sauce
  • Chili, soups, or salsa
  • Vegetable juice

Our technical knowledge, field experience, and innovative products provide several benefits to processing these tomato-based products including:

  • Thicker, more viscous paste with improved Bostwick and increased yield
  • Consistent standardized paste through either batch or inline blending
  • Ultra rich ketchup with no syneresis
  • Thick or thin tomato or pizza sauce
  • Superior chunky or milled salsas
  • Smooth soups

Let our applications engineers offer a customized solution or have your ingredient tested for free in our pilot lab.

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