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The Cereal Industry

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Processing for Cereal IndustryConsumers demand more benefits from standard food stuffs. And with the global breakfast cereal market expected to reach over $43 billion by 2019, processors need to deliver cereals in a variety of flavors, colors and shapes while providing balanced nutrition. These needs are fulfilled with innovative recipes, high quality ingredients and vitamin/mineral fortification.

A range of mixing processes are involved in this industry, from simple blending of flavors and colors to the creation of smooth dispersions of hard-to-wet-out powders. Sustainability is driving the industry to eliminate waste, and Admix processing equipment allows you to do just that, reclaiming out-of-spec product instead of discarding it.

Admix offers a broad range of mixing technologies, along with years of mixing industry experience, to help create the best final products rapidly and cost-effectively.

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Featured Video

See how the Rotosolver high shear mixer quickly and efficiently creates a smooth slurry from carboxymethyl cellulose (CMC), a popular coating agent in cereals.

Cereal Processing Equipment Q&A

We make a simple liquid-liquid blend of flavors and/or colors in a fluid stream. We also need to heat or cool a liquid streams. What does Admix offer for these processes?
The Admixer static blender delivers continuous processing with no moving parts. It offers side stream injectors, heat transfer and temperature control with jackets. It has easy-to-clean removable elements and specially polished finishes, and meets 3-A Sanitary Standard #35-04.

We are in need of simple tank agitation for various volumes throughout our plant. Can Admix accommodate this?
The Rotomixx low-speed agitator is portable and an all stainless steel design. The RotoMAXX II low shear agitator can handle volumes up to 60,000 gallons and is an all stainless steel construction. Both agitators provide simple blending for miscible fluids, solids incorporation and dispersion, can maintain a suspension, and meet 3-A Sanitary Standard #73-01.

How do I prevent fisheyes, agglomerates and rafting on the top of the vessel when dispersing hard-to-wet powders?
The Rotosolver high shear mixer combines good product motion with efficient pumping blades and a high shear mixing region to break down fisheyes and agglomerates. It is a CIP system that meets 3-A Sanitary Standard #73-01.

Is there a way to recover out-of-spec product while maintaining the proper "chunk" size?
The Rotostat rotor-stator mixer provides bulk tank motion without an in-tank bearing frame or supporting arms so product flow is not impacted. Also, the Boston Shearmill inline wet mill can rework out-of-spec product and mill it into a slurry that can be reused upstream.

I'm developing a new formula. Should I consider a different process or application?
Yes! If you're developing a new formulation and/or process, we offer ingredient and application testing in our fully equipped test lab at no charge. Also, the BenchMix programmable high shear lab mixer can be configured with Rotomixx, Rotosolver and Rotostat heads for the greatest flexibility and accurate scale-up to full production, plus our scalability methods are so reliable that we provide a process assurance warranty. Want to do unlimited testing in your own facility? Our in-plant trial program allows you to just that.

We have to run product through multiple passes in a high pressure homogenizer to filter out lumps and fisheyes. We also do several passes to finish refine our product before the packaging and filler machines. Is there an easier way?
Absolutely. For continuous processing, the DynaShear inline disperser and Boston Shearmill inline wet mill both provide tight emulsions. Typical droplet size with the DynaShear is 2-3 microns and as fine as 0.5 microns with the Boston Shearmill. They break down tough fisheyes in a single pass and deagglomerate a fluid stream to save filter cleaning and wasted raw material. Both can run 24/7 and meet 3-A Sanitary Standard #36-01.

I need a safer way to incorporate powders. What does Admix offer?
The VacuShear system inducts powders or liquids under vacuum. It provides high shear mixing for immediate powder dispersion and vacuum deaeration for the best finished product. Where air entrainment is not a concern, the Fastfeed powder induction system along with our Optifeed and PIC systems provide inline continuous powder dispersion at powder feed rates up to 450 lbs/min on a single pass.