The Value of Start Up Assistance

Written by Ken Young, Field Service Representative

I recently visited a customer to provide start-up assistance a new large size Rotosolver in-tank mixer. For their own peace of mind, they wanted Admix to be onsite when they planned to start production. They contracted a company to install it, and in the process, the contractor detached and re-attached the mixer head. An electrician wired it in, and we verified it was turning in the correct direction. When I checked the shaft straightness, I found that the Rotosolver head was not in line with the shaft, so I entered the tank to investigate. The problem was that the installer did not properly reattach the Rotosolver head. They cross threaded it and left it in a state that was truly unsafe. I was able to remove it and re-install it properly, and from then on, the Rotosolver ran perfectly!

This underscores the value of having Admix Aftermarket onsite for startup. In this case, due to the contractor’s mistake, the mixing head could have easily detached from the shaft during operation. The incredible amount of energy in the rotating head is enough to cause catastrophic damage and injury if it were to come loose. In addition, the offset of weight from the head not being centered would cause uneven loading on the bearings, causing them to wear faster than normal, and damage costly parts. This would, in turn, necessitate a mixer rebuild, sooner than necessary, costing the customer more money.

With the addition of start-up assistance, we were able to uncover the installation mistake and fix it immediately. If left undetected, it would have led to damage, downtime, and a costly rebuild down the line. If you have any questions about how to get you own peace of mind, contact the Admix Aftermarket Team and we would be happy to assist you!