Rapidex™ Propeller Agitator

The Rapidex is a low shear agitator with specially designed marine type propeller blades that ensure a cavitation-free operation while providing extremely intense agitation. Available in diameters from 110 – 800 millimeters the smooth shape and finish of the Rapidex impeller blade make it very suitable for you’re your sanitary applications. The Rapidex operates at a low tip speed and consumes very little power.
Applications and Industries
The Rapidex is used across many industries including food, beverage, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, chemical/coatings, and wastewater treatment. Ideal for high viscosities up to up to 25,000 mPa*s, the Rapidex is perfect for mixing miscible liquids, dissolving of solids that are unlikely to agglomerate, as well as preventing sedimentation and heat input.

Reliable Engineering
The Rapidex is engineered for trouble-free agitating year after year. All components including the shaft, ball bearing, coupling and motor are designed to withstand maximum loads while delivering stability and minimal need for service. 

Availability: The Rapidex is currently available in Europe.