Admix Equipment | Flowshear™

Admix Equipment | Flowshear™

Flowshear Bottom Mount Emulsifier and Disperser

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The Flowshear bottom mount mixer / disperser delivers high shear and high flow in a compact design. With its unrivaled versatility, it enables processors to mix a wide range of batch sizes with minimal starting liquid levels.

The unique mixing head design provides high shear and superior flow by combining a rotor-stator with an optional impeller utilizing advanced Jetfoil™ technology.  This ultra sanitary machine provides maximum performance results to meet your most demanding processing needs.

Flowshear Advantages

  • Accommodates low starting liquid level and small batch capacity
  • Powders are 100% dispersed in just minutes
  • Substantial reduction of air entrainment
  • 3-A compliant design
  • Reduces the need for secondary agitation; can be combined with scraped surface or counter rotating agitators
  • Optimized for high viscosity cosmetics/personal care, pharmaceutical, and food products

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