Admix Equipment | Dynashear® 850

Admix Equipment | Dynashear® 850

New! Dynashear 850 Inline Continuous Mixer/Emulsifier

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The new Dynashear 850 is now the largest model of the high shear, high speed Dynashear series of inline emulsifiers. The series includes the lab scale model DS-215, and production scale models DS-425, DS-575, and now the DS-850 model.

The Dynashear 850 has a robust tandem shear head design that is built for processing up to 350 gallons per minute which is double the throughput of the DS-575 model. With scale-up capabilities, the Dynashear line is particularly effective at wetting out powders into liquids and is the ideal inline high shear solution for processors who need to blend, dissolve, deagglomerate, disperse, and emulsify a wide range of fluids and semi-fluids.

A single pass through the Dynashear results in product quality typical of several passes through conventional mixers.

Our application engineers can recommend a creative solution using the Dynashear emulsifier.

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