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If you are a meat & poultry processor mixing brines and marinades, the RXRS is for you. It easily handles thicker products, tougher clean label ingredients and rigorous washdown environments. It disperses 100% powder in under 10 minutes. No more fisheyes or clogged injectors! Less heat input Higher flow rates Lower energy consumption Less maintenance


Brine & Marinade Trends, Balancing Shear & Flow

Written by Allen Dawson, Meat & Poultry Market Manager Today in meat & poultry plants, ingredient labels for brines and marinades typically list water, salt and phosphates, etc. Since water is such a large part of the finished product, plants must check its quality. For any marination system to work well, the water must be


Clean Label Challenges

The needs of our mutual customers (consumers) constantly evolve. Between soy allergies and the demand for less “ingredients” in our protein products, other methods are being employed to ensure our meat, poultry and seafood products retain moisture to enhance mouthfeel and flavor.  Ingredients that are popular in other processed foods are starting to be utilized


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Did you know about our Quickship program? Rotosolver RXRS orders ship within two weeks of receipt! Contact us to get started!  If you are a meat & poultry processor mixing brines and marinades, the RXRS is for you. It easily handles thicker products, tougher clean label ingredients and rigorous washdown environments. It disperses 100% powder


Replacement Motor Considerations

No matter what, you eventually need a replacement motor for your process equipment. A very important thing to consider is the weep holes on new motors. Most washdown duty motors, whether stainless steel or white epoxy coated, have weep holes that are designed to allow condensation that collects inside the motor to drain out.  Most


Meat & Poultry Series: Preventing Ingredient Separation

Do you need an agitator in a hold and saddle tank or in bins and combos where your brine and marinade is held? As mentioned in previous issues, newer ingredients like soy, starch and carrageenan do not dissolve but soak up water and the other ingredients and once fully “hydrated” are heavier than water. Left


Meat & Poultry Series: Retrofit that old OES

Over the years, brine and marinade ingredients have evolved. Starches, carrageenans, and soy proteins are more common today. They tend to be harder to fully dissolve and increase viscosity levels. When brine and marinade ingredients were typically just made of a water, salt and phosphate mix, original Admix powder induction systems equipped with eductor technology


Meat & Poultry Series: Reducing Entrained Air

Reducing entrained air in your brine and marinade is key to maintaining quality product that is consistent. In an earlier issue, we talked about ways to do that in piping connections.  Something that we see in many plants is customers recirculating brine and marinade and transferring it to hold tanks with little regard for foaming.


Mechanical Tip – Seal It or Let It Breathe

Mixing Your Way to Better Yields and Less Line Downtime – Our Meat & Poultry Blog Series Admix was the first manufacturer to introduce stainless steel drive mixers to the Meat, Poultry and Seafood processing industry back in 1991. We’ve gained exceptional knowledge along the way! Today we continue our tradition of innovation and sharing


Process Improvement Tip – Water Quality

Mixing Your Way to Better Yields and Less Line Downtime – Our Meat & Poultry Blog Series Process Improvement Tip – Water Quality  Hard water can severely hamper certain brine / marinade ingredient’s ability to completely dissolve or hydrate. This has a large impact on yield causing purge, weeping and in severe cases, clogged injector


Knud Erik Juhl Jensen, General Manager, Admix Europe ApS

In March, 2019, Knud Erik joined Admix as General Manager to lead the Admix Europe division. Knud Erik is an industry veteran with extensive experience in the processing equipment industry, having held key roles at In-Mix, Titan Textile Machines, Gerstenberg & Agger, and Fintek. His deep understanding of leading and growing organizations is applied to his role of overseeing manufacturing, assembly, sales, and day-to-day operations of Admix Europe ApS in Denmark. Knud Erik earned a Master of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering from The Technical University of Denmark.

Patrick Lakin, Director of Sales and Marketing

Patrick joined Admix in December 2014 and is Director of Sales and Marketing. He leads the company’s North American Sales and Market Management Teams, ensuring successful achievement of the company’s sales goals. He is responsible for developing and implementing effective sales strategies, as well as establishing and advancing external channel partners with the charter of representing Admix solutions in the marketplace. Patrick also leads the company’s marketing strategies, overseeing marketing department initiatives.

With over 20 years of experience in the processing equipment and systems industry, his sales acumen and expertise in mixing, liquids handling, and process systems paves the way for continued sales achievement and market segment growth goals. Patrick earned his bachelor’s degree and an MBA with a concentration in Entrepreneurship from the University of Louisville.

Terry Burnett, Manager of Human Resources

Terry has over 40 years of passion and experience building high-performance teams and cultures that deliver results. Since joining Admix in August 2013, she has led all aspects of Human Resources, including workforce development, talent acquisition, employee relations, succession planning, payroll, and legal compliance.

Prior to Admix, Terry was at C&S Wholesale Grocers, the largest wholesale grocery supply company in the US where she developed training programs and was responsible for all aspects of their benefits program. She is a member of a local HR Group, has been a presenter at several ESOP Conferences, and gets involved in many HR Roundtables with local ESOP company businesses. Terry’s certifications include SPHR, SHRM-SCP and she earned a bachelor’s degree in Human Resources Management and Services from Southern New Hampshire University.

Keith Cheries, Director of Sales Operations

Since joining Admix in April 2003, Keith has held key management roles encompassing the Sales, Service, and Marketing arms of the company. As Director of Sales Operations, Keith is responsible for developing and streamlining the sales processes and day to day operations of the Inside Sales Team. In addition, he leads International Sales, working closely with Admix subsidiary, Admix Europe ApS and its channel partners.

Before Admix, Keith spent 11 years at Sine Pump, manufacturer of industrial and sanitary positive displacement pumps, in Field Service, National Sales Management, and Product Management roles. Keith earned a bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of New Hampshire.

Eric Therriault, Vice President of Engineering

Eric has a long tenure at Admix, having joined the company in February 1993. In his role as Vice President of Engineering, Eric leads in all aspects of the engineering life cycle, prioritizing and evaluating the work generated by all engineering teams to ensure cost effective and on-time development and delivery of our high quality engineered products. In addition, he ensures that Admix product designs are compliant with industry hygienic engineering standards and manufacturing practices.

Eric has a Mechanical Engineering Technology Degree and before Admix was a Mechanical Engineer at Heidelberg-Harris, where he responsible for the integration of printing press components and auxiliary equipment into a complete web press line assembly for various product configurations.

Bob Trottier, Vice President of Operations

In August 2014, Robert joined Admix as Vice President of Operations. He leads multiple departments at Admix including the Machine Shop, Welding and Fabrication, Assembly, Repair and Rebuilds, Aftermarket Service, Materials, and International Supply Chain Management.

Prior to joining Admix, Robert was Co-Founder and President of RLTADX, a joint venture that began in 2009 between Admix, Inc. and RLT Manufacturing, a full-service job shop machining facility where he was Founder and President since 1987. RLTADX was formed with the vision to build a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility that would eventually merge with Admix. Robert has extensive training in welding and machine tool technology and earned a degree in Engineering and Graphic Design form Northeastern University.

Dan Cameron, Chief Financial Officer

Dan joined Admix in January 2014 and is the company’s Chief Financial Officer and is also Treasurer on the Admix Board. In Dan’s role as CFO, he oversees all aspects of the company's finance function including accounting and financial reporting, financial planning, and analysis. He is responsible for the financial management and health of the company and its subsidiary in Denmark, Admix Europe ApS. As Admix is a 100% employee owned company, Dan is responsible for the administration of the Employee Stock Ownership Plan. In addition to the financial aspect of his role, he also oversees the company’s Information Technology Operations.

Prior to Admix, Dan was with Price Waterhouse Cooper where he held various Financial and Technology Consulting roles to the Federal Government and led project teams supporting regional financial statement audit clients. Dan holds a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from Providence College.

Mike RizzoMike Rizzo, Chief Executive Officer

Mike joined Admix in January 2020 after serving three years as a Director on the Admix Board. Mike leads the development and execution of the company’s business strategies, vision, and mission. He is committed to continuous improvement at Admix and growing its portfolio of innovative mixing technologies, services, and markets served. The company’s long-standing core values of fairness, respect, integrity, accountability, and trust resonate deeply with Mike, as well as upholding the Admix promise of going the extra mile to exceed customer expectations.

A seasoned executive, Mike has been CEO and President at several global companies in the New England region. While most of Mike’s career has focused on market activities, he acquired tremendous experience implementing operational excellence practices at both manufacturing and distribution companies.

Mike currently serves on other corporate boards, focused particularly on 100% ESOP structures. Prior to Admix, he was CEO at Artel Video Systems, President of the US operations of Cylon Energy, and President of Schleuniger Inc., the division of the Schleuniger Group in Switzerland.  Mike holds a bachelor’s degree from the University of Pittsburgh and an MBA from Pepperdine University.