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Extending Emulsion Stability with Inline High Shear

Written by Colm Swan, Dressings & Sauces Market Manager, Admix, Inc. Are your pourable salad dressing emulsions inconsistent? Are they separating before the intended shelf-life period? If so, you may not be using enough shear to build your emulsions. Having inconsistent emulsions not only impacts your shelf life but can also impact viscosity and appearance


Finishing Ricotta Cheese

Written by Jerry Baresich, Regional Sales Manager Higher throughput and better results… it’s every processor’s dream! Admix was approached by a leading North American dairy manufacturer of milk / goat milk derived yogurt, dip & cheese. They wanted to increase their processing rates to meet an expanding market demand of their ricotta cheese WITHOUT compromising results. Their


Video: Safematic (Safe Unit) Installation and Operation

Written by James Crowell, Field Service Engineer If you have a Boston Shearmill, DynaShear, Fastfeed, PIC, Optifeed, Shearpump, MayoMill or Flowshear with double mechanical seals, we have a video that provides step by step instructions for the installation, adjustment, and operation of the John Crane Safematic (Safeunit) for these inline mixers. The Safematic device controls