DynaShear - The Little Mixer That Can!

George Nikolopoulos - Tuesday, October 01, 2013

There may be times when certain recipes need high shear. For tanks that already have an agitator, it may be difficult to retrofit that tank with a high shear mixer. Other times, there may not be enough room on top of the tank to add a high shear in-tank mixer when there is already an agitator to that tank. This could be due to ceiling height limitations or just not enough of a footprint on the top of the tank to allow another mixer. The answer. . . add an inline high shear mixer at the discharge of that tank. The equipment. . . the Admix DynaShear. It is very versatile and is a great solution to many mixing issues. Here are some examples:

Cosmetics and Personal Care:

Improve emulsions as well as disperse and de-agglomerate powders and pigments.

Disperse and hydrate gums like Carbopol, thus increasing the finished viscosity and extending stability.
Just blend the tank and discharge the contents through the DynaShear.


Finish and blend to uniformity many recipes like ice cream pre-mixes.
Disperse milk powders to eliminate "fish eyes." This can often be used after your bottom-entry high shear mixer that misses these lumps. This includes cocoa powders.
Make Greek yogurt out of cottage cheese!


Assure that sugar is fully dissolved in slurries
Make liquid sugar from granulated sugar, eliminating the need to buy liquid invert sugar and the issues with long-term storage.
Ensure that milk powders are fully hydrated for caramel production, eliminating those small "pencil points" of milk powder that a bottom entry mixer just cannot accomplish.


Make sure all the tough, sticky powers in a granola binder, like soy protein, maltodextrin and inulin, are fully dispersed with no clumps.

Prepared Foods:

Puree corn, fruit, and even red peppers and chilies.
Finish salad dressings and sauces with a higher throughput than colloid mills.
Fully hydrate gums, pectin and gelatin with ambient water. This saves on energy costs when the water does not need to be heated.

The DynaShear is easy to install, and it will make cleaning down-stream strainers a rare maintenance step instead of a chronic headache. Call Admix or your local Admix representative for more information. DynaShear truly is the versatile mixer than can!

Notice the similarities in this picture? Coincidence? I THINK NOT!

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