New Video – DynaShear Inline Disperser

The Admix DynaShear provides high speed, high shear mixing for inline continuous processing. Watch how the DynaShear instantly improves product quality, removing lumps, and agglomerates in a single pass! Select configurations available as a Quick Ship item!

Carbomer with FlowShear and Rotosolver

Demonstrations performed in our test lab dispersing & hydrating carbomer using the Admix FlowShear bottom mount mixer and the Admix Rotosolver in-tank high shear mixer. Completely hydrated carbomer in under 10 minutes!

Rotosolver CMC Lab Test

See how the Rotosolver high-shear mixer creates a smooth slurry with carboxymethyl cellulose (CMC) and water during this lab test.

High Shear vs. Low Shear Mixing

See the benefit of high shear in this side-by-side demo using equal amounts of water and identical ingredients. Eliminate fisheyes in 5 minutes with the Rotosolver high shear mixer vs. hours with a low shear agitator.

Mayonnaise Processing with Rotosolver

Admix understands the industry's mixing needs for creating mayonnaise and whipped salad dressing premix. See how the Rotosolver provides high flow and proper shear rates for today's toughest challenges.

Pectin Dispersion with Rotosolver and Fastfeed

Watch two tests performed in our lab facility dispersing pectin into water using Admix Rotosolver and Admix Fastfeed. Eliminate fisheyes in under 10 minutes.

Admix MayoMill

Processing mayonnaise and whipped salad dressings is easy with the Admix MayoMill. Peter Leitner discusses our MayoMill and how it differs from conventional colloid mills.

The BenchMix Benchtop Lab Mixer

The Admix BenchMix is a versatile, powerful benchtop lab mixer. It combines power, speed and versatility, allowing you to scale up faster.

Whole Nuts into Water with Rotostat

See raw footage of the Admix Rotostat mixing 16% whole nuts into water to produce a fine grind in 10 minutes.