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How The DynaShear® Inline Emulsifier Works

DynaShear Inline EmulsifireThe performance and success of high shear in-line mixers can be measured in droplet size (particle size) reduction, particle size distribution and flow / processing rates under varying viscosity conditions. The DynaShear® excels in all of these characteristics when compared to competitive in-line mixers.

A single pass through the DynaShear provides product quality typical of multiple passes within conventional mixers!

The DynaShear is the first in-line mixer featuring a dual stage, tandem head design combining the benefits of both an axial and a radial stage… creating excellent shear and flow characteristics.

Primary Axial Stage:
The axial stage consists of a high flow rotor feeding into a stator with multiple small ports, forcing material between their faces and out through the ports. This mechanical and hydraulic action causes a tremendous shearing action and "pre-mixes" the material prior to the secondary stage.
Secondary Radial Stage:
The radial stage consists of a radial, high flow rotor discharging through a slotted stator providing additional mechanical and hydraulic shear. The centrifugal force at this stage allows for the mixture to be pushed away from the shaft and along the radius of the stator, with high speed expulsion occurring at the edge of the slots. This stage provides a substantial momentum change in the flow, resulting in beneficial residence time for further refining to be done on the mixture.